Devil Dog: The Hound of Hell

I love dogs.  And I love horror movies.  So anything that can fit the bill for both of these interests is working overtime for me.  I love this made-for-tv demon dog movie so much.

You have probably not noticed, since it would make you an unbelievably bigger nerd than me, but my avatar is from  Zoltan: Hound of Dracula.  This is another wonderful example of the demon dog genre.  These two pooches would make a double feature that would make Sarah McLachlan proud.

In this movie, a cult of satanic dog worshipers get their hands on a pooch and ensure that her offspring will forever be aspiring little Zuuls.

Below:  Satanic Dire Straits concert/dog demonification

Then, in a move that only a true evil mastermind could come up with, the cult peddles the pooches in a roadside veggie stand/puppy mill.  Turns out the kids from Witch Mountain have just lost their pooch to mysterious circumstances (seriously.  i think they’re trying to lead us to believe that the satanic dog worshipers went out of their way to run over the previous dog.  couldn’t they find some other family on the block that was poochless?  maybe the kids from the Apple Dumplin’ Gang?).  Anywho, the kids fall in love with the puppy and who are the parents to say no?

Ultimately, the only person who’s a little suspicious of this face:

Is this face:

The maid.  She is Superstitious.  And she is from The Old Country.  So there is no way she’s gonna let this puppy put one over on her, what with its furry body and floppy ears and wagging tail and green glowing eyes.  And rightfully so, cause once again we have a textbook case of a family innocently going out for the night resulting in another new-puppy-killing-the-Mexican-maid-with-pyrokinesis event.  And this little devil dog must be working the magic on the family already, perhaps through mind control, because apart from exclaiming “My God!” when they discover the maid, the family seems to forget all about her.  Mexican maid’s memory is not invoked in this movie ever again.

Some highlights of Lucky the Devil Dog’s Spree of Evil Deeds include almost (but not quite) making dad cut off his arm in the lawn mower; persuading the boy to cheat at winning his class elections;  killing the neighbors dog, and then, well, the neighbor;  enticing the mom to sleep with the school guidance counselor;  and inspiring this bit of fan art from the kids:

But I’d say Devil Dog’s finest performance was this suspenseful moment shortly before he seduces the mom to join the black arts.

Ultimately, the dad is the only one not won over by the puppy demon’s charms.  He learns an ancient ritual and defeats the demon dog in an epic battle of whatever they used before After Effects on crappy made for tv movies.  I hope this has inspired you to track down a copy of Devil Dog:  The Hound of Hell.  It appears to be on the YouTubes.  If you’ve wasted this much of your time reading my description of it, you might as well make the commitment.  Enjoy.


~ by velouria78 on January 11, 2012.

4 Responses to “Devil Dog: The Hound of Hell”

  1. Well this is amazing. How did I not know about your blog? I must be losing it.

  2. Thanks! I started it ages ago and promptly abandoned it. But I’m giving it another go. The goal is watching 365 bad movies this year. Pretty sure that if there’s anything I’m capable of, it’ll be this. Writing about them is proving to be the hurdle 😉

  3. I’ve definitely seen Zoltan, but this Devil Dog bidness is foreign to me. Youtube ahoy!

    So, basically, this is the Omen, except with a dog.

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