Dunwich Horror

This one is kind of a stinker.  It’s not quite up to the same standard of “abomination” that I usually strive for.  It’s just kind of blah.  Still, any movie that kicks off with Sandra Dee holding the Necronomicon has to have some redeeming merits.

It has very little in common with the short story save for a few names and places.  It does, however, boast the most suspenseful tea making sequence ever committed to film.  And, as leading men go, I’ll take Dean Stockwell over a nine foot tall goatman any day.  I’m a real prude like that.

Below:  Stockwell’s brown mustache has a protective coating of blonde mustache to ward off evil

For all its faults, I got through this pretty easily.  And it has an awesome animation sequence at the beginning.


I’ve had Lovecraft on the brain lately.  My dreams have been crawling with Cthulhu and random imaginary octopi, octopuses and octopodes.

So far, the hardest part of this project has been deciding what to watch when I’m alone.  Some of the more promising movies get pushed to the back burner so I can watch them with a crowd.  One of my solo projects is a list of movies with Lovecraftian themes.  This one obviously qualified.  Gonna work my way through them as I go.

That’s all for today.  While I can’t heartily recommend it, it’s also on Netflix, if you’ve got some time to kill.  If nothing else it gave me some practice pronouncing Yog-Sothoth correctly.  And maybe now my nightmares will be fueled by psychedelic hippie madness instead of damned interdimensional sea creatures.


~ by velouria78 on January 6, 2012.

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