The Living Dead Girl

Jean Rollin films are new to me.  They are French with subtitles and have that 70’s atmospheric/plodding quality that ensures that I will be watching them alone.  Even the enticing allure of naked French ladies is not enough.  Apparently, according to my male friends, you can look at boobies for free on the internet at any time.  Oh well.

There’s some great acting (the actresses playing Catherine and Hélène) and some bad acting (pretty much everyone else).  And the story itself is pretty brilliant (Hélène morphs into a cold-blooded killer when she realizes she must bring home fresh meat to sustain her newly zombified bff Catherine. It’s interesting to see females at the center of a story like this, even if it’s probably just for the sake of tits.)  The music is synthy and haunting.  And the gore isn’t too over the top, but fun nonetheless.  I’m gonna try to hit most of Rollin’s films in the near future, and many are on Netflix to watch instantly, so log on and join in if you’re up to it.

Vive la France!


~ by velouria78 on January 3, 2012.

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