Karate Cops

1988’s Karate Cops, a.k.a. Hawkeye, written, directed by and starring George Chung and featuring Chuck Jeffreys and Troy Donahue, is a classic.  It is not to be confused with 1991’s Karate Cop featuring David Carradine, or with 1987’s Hollywood Cop, also featuring Troy Donahue along with Cameron Mitchell and Aldo Ray, OR with 1997’s Hollywood Cops featuring David Heavener, Julie Strain, William Smith, Robert Z’Dar and Linnea Quigley (wait, why am I not watching that movie).

I can already promise you I will not do this film justice.  Chung and Jeffreys are two cops, reluctantly partnered up, who are trying to bring down a Japanese mobster.  It’s tempting to classify Chuck Jeffreys as the poor-man’s Eddie Murphy.  But Chuck’s too good for that.  He’s more of a lower-middle-class-man-who-has-trouble-paying-his-medical-bill’s Eddie Murphy.

This is one worth tracking down if you’re actually into this sort of thing.  The acting is atrocious.  And the location scouting is even worse.  My personal favorite scene is when George Chung points out that he learned karate at the YMCA, so he goes to a training camp, located in what appears to be an Insurance Agency’s front yard, to earn his black belt.  His instructor is played by a man who can neither act nor karate, so how he landed this gig is lost on me.  Today, when texting my dear Mr. V-lo, I learned a little something about that scene and I want to share it with you.

V-lo: Do you remember the instructor’s line?  Las Vegas Grand Temple whatever blah blah?

Mr. V-lo: “Las Vegas Grand Temple?  I must be crazy!”

V-lo:  Wait.  Is that in reply to where he trained?

(stage note, the quote from the movie is delivered in deadpan monotone, however the last word of sentences with exclamation points are to be delivered 1/2 octave higher in tone than the rest of the sentence).

Mr. V-lo:  No.  That’s in relation to where they are in that scene.  It’s where Hawkimoto (Chung) was competing for his black belt.  Here’s how it goes: “I must be crazy! I fought in Korea, Japan, but never anywhere like this!  I came here to get certified, not pasteurized!  Las Vegas Grand Temple I must be crazy!

V-lo:  Nice.  Thanks.  Wait.  So does that mean the Holiday Inn parking lot where that scene was filmed is supposed to be Las Vegas Grand Temple?

Mr. V-lo:  Uh yeah!

(Pictured below: Las Vegas Grand Temple, birthplace of pasteurization)


~ by velouria78 on January 3, 2012.

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